United Fresh Webinar

Jeff Brandenburg will be speaking on produce perishability and tools to optimize. The webinar is April 20th@2pm EDT. Details and sign-up link below:

United Fresh Produce Association

Given the perishability of many produce items, opportunities to extend shelf life are highly desirable. Join us April 20 for our webinar, Optimizing Produce Quality & Shelf Life: Approaches and Experiences, to explore the factors that affect shelf life, and the tools available to optimize product. Also, you’ll learn the approaches that produce companies took to solve specific perishability issues. https://hubs.li/H0KHKhF0

Webinar speakers:
• Rachel Atkinson- Leach ✔ Category Management Leader, Director of Category and Brand Management, RPE, Inc
• Jeffrey Brandenburg, President, The JSB Group, LLC
• Michael Muzyk, President, Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc., & Chairman of United Fresh’s Board of Directors

Thank you to Ecolab for their support in sponsoring the webinar!

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