We bring over 50 years experience in fresh foods and fresh-cut produce testing and consulting.

We specialize in:

  • Shelf-life studies and food science consulting
  • Package testing and consulting
  • Food safety consulting

We are strategically partnered with Eurofins US to provide a one stop shop for your food testing and consulting needs.  We understand the power of applying sound science principles to improve quality and safety.


Jeff Brandenburg, the President of The JSB Group, LLC has over 37 years of experience in packaging and packaging design. Jeff has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University, with a minor Biomedical Engineering, and a M.S. in Food Safety from Michigan State University. He serves on the technology boards and councils of a number of trade and industry organizations; is the primary author and reviewer of numerous trade articles as well as association guidance documents. Jeff was the lead author for the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) chapter for CRC’s latest publication on Modified and Controlled Atmospheres.


Eric Vandercook, QFresh Lab Director, has B.Sc. degrees in Biochemistry and Food Science and has worked for over a decade in various food industries including fresh-cut produce, fresh pressed juices and dietary supplements.

Eric is PCQI certified and active in the post-harvest community; partnering with Universities to help solve and advise on post-harvest challenges.  He has a hands-on approach to problem solving and can help to quickly solve difficult problems through experimentation.


Recent Posts

New services of the QFresh Lab

We have recently purchased a tabletop lidding machine, the T100 from MULTIVAC.   This equipment expands our capabilities and allows us to perform lidded clamshell shelf-life tests on your produce with a perforation pattern designed to optimize shelf-life.  This machinery also allows for us to utilize active modified atmosphere, where we can gas flush the clamshell … Continue reading New services of the QFresh Lab

QfreshLAB Notes

From the desk of the QfreshLAB Team— The importance of quantifying respiration rate (RR):  The QfreshLAB can measure and quantify the respiration of your products at different temperatures and under differing levels of abuse and stress. This allows us to map respiration rate changes under differing conditions.  If fresh produce modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), design is attempted and … Continue reading QfreshLAB Notes

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