QfreshLAB Notes

New services of the QfreshLAB

From the desk of the Qfresh Lab Team—

New services of the Qfresh Lab  include:

  • The ability to measure and quantify micro-perforation hole size, conformity, consistency and quality.
  • We also have the ability to measure and quantify O2 transmission rate through a micro-perforation.
  • We also purchased a water activity meter for the measurement of free water in foods.

These new packaging services allow us to become an independent third-party testing analysis and audit facility for micro-perforated packaging.  

The water activity meter allows us to expand our analytical food testing offerings.

QfreshLAB Notes

From the desk of the QfreshLAB Team—

The importance of quantifying respiration rate (RR):

 The QfreshLAB can measure and quantify the respiration of your products at different temperatures and under differing levels of abuse and stress. This allows us to map respiration rate changes under differing conditions.  If fresh produce modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), design is attempted and respiration has not been quantified, then shelf life will not be optimized!

After quantifying respiration rate with several different scenarios, we can design a package to optimize shelf-life. The image below shows a comparison of respiration rate and shelf-life between different types of popular produce found in the market.

The higher the respiration rate, in combination with extended shelf, life the greater the need  for optimally designed MAP.