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Global Fresh Produce News (North America)

Publication date: 6/13/2017

Independent laboratory for the fresh produce industry opens its doors

About three months ago, QfreshLAB opened its doors.

“It’s the first fully independent, quality, analytical and packaging laboratory supporting the fresh produce industry,” says Jeff Brandenburg, founding partner of QfreshLAB. “We are a third-party testing facility that allows fresh produce grower-shippers to quantify the physiological properties of their produce. In addition, it is possible to have packaging validated and optimized to increase produce quality and shelf-life. “Our capabilities also include comparing a shipper’s packaged salad to the competitor’s product,” mentioned Brandenburg.

The facility is based in Salinas, CA. “A strategic location; Salinas is the heart of the global fresh produce industry,” said Brandenburg.

This overview includes the capabilities of QfreshLAB when it comes to the product:

  • Product respiration rate quantification and analysis.
  • Shelf-life testing and studies.
  • Organoleptic and visual attributes.
  • Product cutting/competitive cutting analysis.
  • Product differentiation and produce geometry.
  • Competitive product analysis.
  • Processing equipment qualification.
  • Varietal trials.
  • Seasonal variance analysis.
  • Temperature abuse studies.

The laboratory is managed by Eric Vandercook with support from founding partner Jeff Brandenburg. Eric has B.Sc. degrees in Biochemistry and Food Science and has worked for a decade in various food industries including fresh cut produce, fresh pressed juices and dietary supplements.

For more information:
Jeff Brandenburg
Tel: 413-204-1788