Qfresh Lab Announces Added Capacity

JUNE 7, 2022

Marina, CA – QFresh Lab, the leading industry experts for produce post-harvest quality testing and modified atmosphere packaging design; has in conjunction with our strategic partner, Eurofins Scientific; expanded to offer physiological and respiration rate, RR, testing Nationwide.

As indoor and regionally produced produce continues to expand across the country, the Qfresh Lab isresponding by adding services regionally.

With laboratories strategically located on both Coasts as well as the Midwest we now can offer fresh produce physiological and respiration rate testing locally to the entire country.

The Qfresh proprietary respiration rate testing protocol is unique to the industry. Utilizing a specialty designed system that mimics real world conditions including the capability to factor in multiple temperature abuse scenarios, we can offer fresh produce respiration values that allow for the most accurate package design and optimal shelf life.

With nationwide coverage we can now offer faster turnaround while maintaining the highest level of quality and scientific accuracy.